Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

We began class with this opener (pdf). We then talked about what your notebooks should like after viewing the homework video last night and cleared up any confusion with the process for homework videos. We talked about how important it is for you to watch and work through the video when it's assigned, and to revisit some or all of the video when something is confusing, if you want to be successful in Algebra.

We did a capture-recapture simulation to learn more about applications of proportions and looked at some other examples as well (lesson pdf). We then talked about the online pre-assessment you will do this weekend for homework, how that process works, and what you need to write down.

Your homework for Monday is:
  1. Complete the Solving Proportions and Percents Online Pre-Assessment and note the results on your Skills Assessment sheet. Make sure you work the problems in your notebook before clicking on Check Your Work (you do not have to try to type your work onto the web page).

  2. Great Expectations
    Please thoughtfully fill out this Google Form.

  3. Watch the The Math of Rock Climbing video. (Note: this will be blocked by the filter at school. If you need to view at school, find a staff member to override the filter for you. It should work fine at home.) As you watch it, think about what questions it generates for you. Complete the sentences "I noticed . . ." and "I wonder . . ." in your notebooks.

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