Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's opener (pdf) was to get you ready for the Math Skills Assessment we were about to take. Here's the key to the assessment (pdf).

Tonight's homework is:
  1. Login to the LPS Infinite Campus Portal to check to see the results of your Math Skills Assessment. Bookmark the portal on the computer you'll be using at home.

    Your username is your student id number, password is now the first initial of your first name, first initial of your last name (both lowercase), and your six-digit birthdate. In the left side navigation, click on Schedule, then on the right side click on Algebra, that will take you to the gradebook for Algebra.

    If you didn’t score a 4.5 or 5 in all four areas, then you’ll need to retake any area you scored lower in. Begin working on that area (or areas) by using the Skills Assessment website, or make an appointment to see me, or work with a parent or sibling, etc. Then schedule a time to retake that area using the online form. Remember that you have five school days to reassess, and you can reassess once per day, but you need to prepare for those reassessments before attempting them.

  2. While you’re in the portal, look up your Google Apps email and password. When you’re logged into the portal you should see a new link in the left side navigation titled Technology. Click on that and it will give you your Google Apps email address (which is also your login – the part before the, and your Google Apps password.

    You’ll want to memorize those. Then go to LPS Google Apps. Bookmark that page on the computer you’ll be using at home. Now login to Google Apps using the information listed on the portal. Click on the email link to go to email, you should have one from me waiting for you. Open it, read it, and reply to it so that I know you successfully logged in.

    You may want to explore Google Apps while you're there. If you're the only person that uses the computer you're on, you can stay logged in. But if someone else also uses the computer, you should probably sign out of Google Apps before walking away.

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