Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

We're about halfway through the semester.

Today's opener (pdf).

For our lesson (pdf) we looked at measures of center and five number summaries for both the Nuggets (2009-10) and the Bulls (1997-98).

Remember that Wednesday is a late start day due to the PSAT - our class meets from 11:00 - 11:28 am. Your homework for Wednesday is:
  1. Prepare for the Writing Linear Equations in Point-Slope Form Assessment. There are a variety of ways to do that including, but not limited to: review the online pre-assessment; review your notebook and/or the openers and lessons posted on the blog; review the video, work some practice problems in your textbook or that you find online. You can, of course, also get help from me, another math teacher, a teacher in the Study Center, a peer tutor in the Study Center, or a parent, sibling or friend. Do whatever works best for you, but make sure you're prepared. The expectation is that you should all be able to do very well on this assessment.

  2. If you haven't yet, read/watch the info for our next Skype session and submit your question(s). These are due no later than next Monday but, if at all possible, please try to submit them by this Friday. Thanks.

  3. Parent/Teacher Conferences are on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. As I mentioned previously, I will only be available on Wednesday evening for conferences. If your parents can't make it on Wednesday, just have them contact me and we can setup another time. As I've also mentioned, I really think you should be present at the conference as well - please bring your Algebra notebook with you.

  4. If you had trouble with the Google Docs part of the reflection assignment, please stop by sometime this week so that I can work with you. Google Docs is something you are going to need to use not just in this class, but many of your classes at AHS, so you need to get proficient at it.

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