Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today's opener (pdf).

We spent a little bit of time looking back at first semester and talking about changes for second semester (both changes in the class and changes that each of you might make).

We also spent a little time talking about our Kiva loan. I won't have time to make the loan until this weekend or early next week so, if you're interested, feel free to browse the Kiva site and send any recommended entrepreneurs that you would like to fund to me.

We then talked about the millionaire problem as our intro to exponents (lesson, pdf).

Your homework for tonight is:
  1. If you haven't already completed it, your Final Corrections (pdf) are due this Friday.

  2. Reflection due by the end of the day on Friday.

    A. Create a Google Doc

    B. Name it YourFirstName YourLastName 2nd Semester Reflection #1

    C. Answer these two questions: 1) What's one thing you did well first semester that you're going to continue to do well second semester? 2) What's one thing you didn't do so well first semester that you are going to improve on second semester? - Use complete sentences and be specific.

    D. Place the document in the folder you share with me (Algebra-Fisch-YourName).

  3. Watch (including completing the Guided Practice and Self-Check sections) the Exponent Properties Involving Products video.

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