Sunday, April 24, 2011

Next Skype Session: Teresita Krueger

We'll be conducting our next Skype session on Wednesday, May 4th, with Teresita Krueger. Teresita has worked a variety of jobs in tech-related fields, and currently works at inVivo Vision. Here is some biographical information that Teresita provided:
I'm a Business Development Advisor and Technology Evangelist consulting for a firm committed to helping organizations to advance into technology leadership positions. I had a 22 year career with IBM Corporation – you know the company that specializes in computers and software - as both a scientist and engineer.

What I like to talk about…
Technology – There’s no better subject that can include anyone, test our imagination, and produce results like mp3 players the size of your thumb, online games and Facebook.

Math – what is it good for….
Future Talent – Instead of thinking of math as a list of formulas you’ll never use; think of a list of skills you want to have and be able to do. The interested budding mathematician will be encouraged to further explore; but the main goal is to ensure for yourself you know how to formulate a problem, choose some appropriate mathematics to apply to that problem, and check that the solution makes sense. This is true for the interior designer, the social media wiz kid, the music producer, teacher, business owner, model-maker, sports announcer, legislator, nurse, doctor as well as any engineer or scientist.

I recently gave a talk at a recent event hosted by the Association for Women in Mathematics; I spoke about “the need for a technological workforce – from knowledge workers, to educators, to scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and technicians; and how science, technology, engineering and math pave the way to your successes.

Here are a couple of links about some of my work:
Explore a New Way of Learning
My IBM Vacation
After reading through the above, including the links, please submit at least one thoughtful question for Teresita via this online form no later than midnight on Friday, April 29th (and preferably by Thursday evening).

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