Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

We began the day with this wonderful opener (pdf). We then investigated how to solve two-step equations by "undoing" (lesson, pdf).

Your homework for this weekend is:
  1. If you haven't written it yet, don't forget that your Reflection #1 and Goal Setting assignment (in Google Docs) is due Monday at noon.

  2. By next Tuesday (so that you can come in on Tuesday and get help if you need it), please watch the Solving Two-Step Equations Video. Make sure you write down and complete the Self-Check problems in your notebooks, and that you review any part of the video you have trouble with.

  3. Sometimes, when I'm a little frustrated with things, watching a video like this one gives me a little perspective. You definitely don't have to watch it, but some of you might like it. Have a very good, very safe weekend.


  1. I enjoyed reading through your class opener activity. The various people that shoewed the solutions to each problem obviously knew what they were doing, but I have a question:

    For opener question #3, how did you know which one was the inverse relation and which the direct?

    You got them right, but I was wondering what was you saw in each list that made you think it was an inverse relation? a direct relation? What was your clue? How did you know?


    Darren Kuropatwa
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  2. For the question 3 in the opener, I always first look at the numbers that I am dealing with first. This helps me get a feeling of what I will be doing later on, but to answer your question, I first look at the "x" numbers. I then go down the list of them. I look at the first two numbers and decide wether that first number increases or decreases. Then I do the same for all of the other numbers. I next look at the "y" numbers. I do the same thing, I look for the increase in the numbers or decreases.
    I write down my results maybe to the side of the chart. If one number increases while the other decreases, the chart is direct. If one number increases and the other also increases, the chart is inverse.
    Thank you for the question and I hope that my explanation answered it.