Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

We began with this opener (pdf). We then went through this lesson (pdf) where we modeled the number of calories burned as a function of the number of minutes running on a treadmill.

Your homework for Wednesday is:
  1. Review the lesson (pdf). Make sure you carefully read and study page 2 of the lesson where it talks about intercept form. This works in combination with the video you watched for homework over the weekend to help you understand the concept of x and y-intercepts, and also how the y-intercept relates to the starting value of recursive sequences.

  2. Complete the Graphing Linear Equations Using Intercepts online pre-assessment. You should know what to do now with this, so I'm going to stop reminding you.

    Well, okay, one last time. You should write the problems down in your notebook, not try to type them on the screen. Then you should click "check your work" to see how you did (and write it down on your student skills check list). This will give you a great idea of how well you'll do on the assessment on Thursday. If it's clear that you're not going to do well, you've got three days to work on it/get some help.

  3. I just added this post about our next Skype session. Your questions aren't due until 7 am on Friday, but you may want to take advantage of not having Algebra on Tuesday to complete this now.

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